A French cuisine experience would not be complete without great wine. Often folded into wonderful pockets of flavor, crepes can be handheld and easily enjoyed with friends over a couple bottles of wine. Crepes add to the social atmosphere of many wine tastings, enabling guests to enjoy something that’s easy to eat and dispose of. Here at La Creperie, we combine delicious French crepes with an outstanding wine tasting.

If you are searching for a totally unique winery in Lafayette, LA, La Creperie is the place for you. We source our well-crafted wines from the finest vineyards, which pair beautifully with our sweet and savory crepes. Try a white wine with a seafood stuffed crepe, or pair a sweeter red with a chocolate raspberry crepe. Our wine cellar offers an extensive selection of red and white wine varieties. When you visit us, you can try a flight of sophisticated French wines, from the oaky chardonnay to the complex red fruit aroma of a pinot noir.

At our winery restaurant, you and your friends can celebrate a special birthday, or simply enjoy each other’s company over crepes and wine. With our excellent food and wine and unmatched customer service, La Creperie Bistro is a top choice for a wine pairing restaurant in the Lafayette, LA, area. Wine lovers in the area know they can depend on us to deliver high quality and simply delicious wines. Reserve your table for a top-notch French wine tasting today. Pairing our exquisite French wines with our fantastic crepe dishes is a great way to celebrate any occasion with your family and friends.